« The snake and the condor » de Robert Southam par Gérard Garcia

THE SNAKE AND THE CONDOR , by Robert Southam

Robert Southam has been an actor, director, university teacher and film-maker, and is now deeply involved in writing. I met him in the ʼ90s when he toured Europe with his theatrical company, Theatre from Oxford and staged The Glass Menagerie, Pygmalion, and Educating Rita at the Toulon University for our students.

In 2005, I had enjoyed reading his novel, Aishaʼs Jihad, about a Palestinian family in exile in England, and this summer took much pleasure in reading his latest one, The Snake and the Condor. Basically, it is a Romeo and Juliet story between the daughter of a Pinochet government official and a Mapuche Indian : they have to flee Chile for Peru and England, mercilessly harassed by her father. But their adventures are also told on a backdrop of intolerance, exploitation, and the aftermath of colonization in South America.

A very enjoyable book which I strongly recommend, written in perfect English. Besides, Robert Southam uses 50% or more of his royalties to finance medical, educational and other initiatives among the disadvantaged communities described in his books. Buying one is also a charitable deed !

His books can be bought through the following website : www.fmoxford.co.uk


Gérard Garcia.